Our First Featured Charity – Hayley’s Angels

Hayley's Angels

This week’s featured charity is Hayley’s Angels.   Hayley’s Angels was founded by Perry and Tracie Grantham in honor of their daughter, Hayley, along with their Board of Directors, President Sarah Hamilton; Secretary Stephenie Lawhon; and Treasurer Alicia Cain, each of whom has been instrumental in helping the charity grow from the very beginning.  Here is their story.

Our charity’s name is Hayley’s Angels and was founded in 2009.  The organization was started after my ten-year old daughter, Hayley, lost her life from a Pontine Glioma (brain tumor).  Hayley was diagnosed when she was nine years old and we were rushed to Shands [Hospital, in Gainesville] (from Monticello) the day she was diagnosed.  Shands became our home for two months before we were moved to Brooks Rehab for a month of rehabilitation. 

My child walked into the Shands emergency room on March 29, 2005 and came home three months later via wheelchair.  While hospitalized, her treatment consisted of radiation twice a day and when she was released, she was on a monthly regimen of chemotherapy.  She continued treatments until she passed away in February of 2006.

During those eleven months, we traveled back and forth to Gainesville many, many times and stayed over there while she was in the hospital.  The expenses of gas, food, cell phone minutes, lodging, etc., added up quickly.  These were expenses we had when we were no longer able to work.  Fortunately for us, we had lots of friends and family who supported us, so we were able to be with Hayley 100% of the time! We quickly realized that not everybody is so fortunate.  So, to “Pay it Forward,” while honoring Hayley’s memory, we started Hayley’s Angels.

Currently, Hayley’s Angels provides families who have a child with a critical illness or injury, and have to travel to Shands for treatment, with a check for $250 per month to help offset those expenses.  As we grow, we would like to increase the monthly benefit, as well as provide a private apartment in Gainesville to keep families together while their child is hospitalized.

Over the last two years, Hayley’s Angels  has given over $11,000 to deserving families and they currently have 14 families on a waiting list.  The waiting list serves as a reminder that there are so many families still in need.  Hayley’s Angels  is funded solely by volunteer donors and that funding needs to be replenished so that the other families can receive assistance.  Please help spread the word about this important charity by sharing this blog, and if possible, by donating anything you can to help. 

You can find more information on Hayley’s Angels by going to their website, http://www.hayleysangels.org/, or by visiting their Facebook page.  Thank you, Tracie, for sharing your story with us and for honoring your beautiful daughter with such a loving charity.


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