Store Suggestions

As promised,  here is a list of stores that have good discounts on smaller items for the toy drive!  Please help us spread the word!

  • Borders – they are currently going out of business so even their clearance items are an additional 25% off the already marked down price and they have great books for all ages (babies – teenagers).
  • Dollar Tree – everything is $1 and many things come in packs of more than one item, making it an even better deal (ex. bubbles, crayons, dress- up clothes, action figures, cars, dolls, etc.).
  • Target – in the front of every Target store you can find a section of items priced at either $1 or $2.50 each and most of these items are kid-related.  You can also find a small area within the toy department with discount toys and balls, as well as bargain dvds for all ages).
  • Burlington Coat Factory – in the “Baby Depot” section of the store, you will find a 99¢ display with small baby items such as rattles, socks, and books.  You can also find discount a toy section nearby.
  • Walmart – in addition to their ‘value’ section of toys (meaning those specifically priced from $1-$5), you can also find multipacks of toys with the birthday party favors, as well as bargain dvds for all ages.
  • Toys ‘R Us – this is not always the first place you would think to go for bargain toys, but they too have a bargain section of toys priced from $1-$5, usually near the front of the store.
  • Michaels – each store has a ‘fun finds’ section with toys and crafts for kids, all $5 and under, in addition to their great sale items.  You can also usually find a 40% off coupon online to print before you go.
  • Barnes and Noble/Books a Million – both stores have fantastic clearance sections for kids and teens!
  • Joann Fabrics – you can find  a bargain section with various items in each store, as well as $1 section in the front by the registers.  You can also usually find a good % off coupon online to print before you go.
  • Oriental Trading Company – if you aren’t one to go bargain hunting at the store, you can search this website for thousands of ideas for inexpensive purchases in bulk.

This is list we have compiled so far, but if you have any additional ideas for us, please let us know and we will add them to this list!  Thanks!


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