Our New Segment: Zoe’s Corner!

While Mikey’s Helping Place was the original idea of my 5-year-old son, Mikey, his 4-year-old sister, Zoe, is also interested in helping.  She loves to give and has found several ways to help others without having to spend any extra money.  So, we are starting a little column that will randomly show up as “Zoe’s Corner,” where you will be able to learn new and easy ways to give, compliments of Zoe.**

She may also just pop in to tell you what she is up to and how you can be involved.  Today’s Zoe’s Corner is focused on her campaign to send ‘Get Well’ and ‘Thinking of You’ cards to kids in the hospital.  Each day we are learning about more and more children who are battling severe injuries and illnesses and even though we can’t give money to everyone, we would like to show them that we are thinking of them and praying for them.  After our toy drive is finished, this will be the main focus of Mikey’s Helping Place until our Spring Fundraiser, but until then, Zoe would like to issue a challenge to you: 

For every item we receive for the toy drive, Zoe will send a personal card to a deserving child in the hospital (you can choose a child you know or we will go to our ever-expanding prayer list of children). 

She is so excited to be able to do her part for the sick kids and I hope it will also encourage others to continue to give small gifts to our toy drive efforts.  Let us know if you have a child you would like added to our card/prayer list (don’t forget we also feature charities for kids each week) or if you would like to help with our card giving, aka “Operation Smile”!  Thanks for helping us spread the word and check back soon for more from Zoe’s Corner!

**Please check out our previous posts about easy giving through gsn.com and pampers.com**


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