September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Today, September 1st, marks the beginning of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Cancer is an ugly illness that attacks thousands of children each year and it often strikes with little warning to its young victims.  Cancer doesn’t discriminate and it comes in many forms.  Chances are that you or someone you know has battled or is currently battling cancer.

Every day we at Mikey’s Helping Place are learning about new children who are fighting for their lives against this vile disease.  So this month, more than ever, it is important to remind others of the families and children fervently seeking a cure.

Take the time to learn more about the children we have featured and continue to read our features in the future.  And, don’t forget to pray for them and for the numerous organizations involved with this battle, including those helping with cancer research, those providing funding for families, and those simply bringing joy to the sweet children in any way they can.

We are all in this fight together; together, we can find the cure and save lives!

**Please visit our Facebook page to see all of the wonderful families and charities we have encountered so far.  It is a never-ending list of fighters who could all use help!**


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