Another Idea From Zoe’s Corner

All it takes is ONE SPARK!

If you are on Facebook, this post is directed to you!  

One Spark Can Start a Fire is a non-profit group from Kansas that offers numerous programs to help others in need.  Some of these programs include Santa’s Workshop (gives Christmas gifts to thousands of families), Covers for Cancer (provides blankets to children with cancer), Warm Hearts (provides warm clothes, sleeping gear and warm meals to the homeless during cold weather), and many more.

Please take the time to go to the One Spark Can Start a Fire Facebook Page and ‘like’ it.  For every new ‘like’ they receive through this Tuesday, September 27th, they will donate $2 to Childhood Cancer Research! They will also continue to donate $1 for every new ‘like’ between September 28th and October 23rd!

All it takes is a few seconds and you will be helping children fight the fight against cancer until a cure is found!  What an easy way to help an amazing cause while also promoting another fantastic foundation!

Please share this information with others so we can all do our part to help find a cure!  The more who know, the more money we can help raise!

**If you know of a free/inexpensive/easy way to help others or a specific charity, please let us know so we can tell others!  We’re always on the lookout for new ways to help!**


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