Our Toy Drive Was a Success!

with the TMH Foundation staff

Last Friday was a big day!  We finally delivered the gift bags and toys to the Pediatrics Department at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital!

We loaded up all 50 of the gift bags and the extra boxes of toys and stuffed animals (as well as all 3 of my kids) and headed over to the hospital.

this is only about half of the bags we made!The car was completely stuffed, and that was a GREAT thing, especially considering we had already made an impromptu stop 2 weeks earlier to drop off some of the larger items for the playroom!

Luckily, I remembered to call the head of the TMH Foundation to warn her of the number of things we would be bringing with us, so she and the head of Pediatric donations were waiting for us in the parking garage with several carts!

We followed them upstairs with the toys and snapped a few photos of the different areas where the toys and gifts will be used!

In front of the hospital treasure chest

In front of the playroom with some of the gift bags

As we went into the playroom, we saw that there were several children playing in there.  Since the kids were too young to actually go into patient rooms, we didn’t think they would get to see anyone receiving the bags.  But because the sick children were in the playroom, bags were immediately handed out!

the staff handing gifts to the girl patients

the kids handing a bag to a boy patient

They were very excited to be able to give a present personally and that quickly became the best part of the day!  It always warms my heart to see my kids being genuinely happy to help others (all the parents out there can attest to the fact that generosity is not always the first thing on a child’s mind, so it is a blessing when the caring spirit comes out, especially right at the appropriate time!).

We were so overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone that donated items and money for this cause!  We can’t thank you enough for supporting us and from just one look at the few kids we saw that day, we can tell the bags and toys will be a great hit!

Thanks again for helping make our toy drive a huge success!  We can’t wait to start another charitable venture very soon!


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