This Week’s Featured Child!

Brave Little Nathen!

This week’s featured child is 6-year-old, Nathen Trueblood.

In 2007, just one month shy of his 2nd birthday, little Nathen was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.  Since that time, he has had numerous surgeries, tests, doses of radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  Earlier this year, Nathen’s family learned that he had relapsed for the 3rd time; the cancer had now spread to his brain in the form of new tumors.

His original chemo treatment was unsuccessful, as was the emergency surgery which removed 5 lesions from his brain but left some of the cancer cells behind. As such, Nathen has been forced to relocate from his current treatment facility in New York City all the way across the country to Los Angeles to begin a new, more aggressive treatment regimen.

You can send cheery cards to brave Nathen and his family at his new address at the Ronald McDonald House in Los Angeles (listed below) to help him feel more at home in his new surroundings.  His family has also requested puzzles to help keep his brain active.  Please send puzzles that are 48-150 pieces as the smaller ones are just too easy for this smart little boy!

Please pray for Nathen and his family as they prepare, once again, to battle in a new place, far from home.  And, take the time to visit his Facebook Page to learn more about this adorable little guy and his progress in Los Angeles.

 Nathen Trueblood
RMD House
1250 Lyman Place
Room # 63
Los Angeles, Ca

**If you know a child or charity that would like to be featured, please let us know at or on our Facebook page**


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