Heaven Has A New Group of Angels

Even though we are only in March, many of our brave little fighters have already earned their angel wings this year and are now shining brightly down on us from heaven.

We believe it’s so important to keep their memories alive and to remember each of their families in our prayers.  Please take the time to view the websites of each of these precious and inspirational children and leave a note for their families as they go through this difficult time.  We will never forget these heroes.

Jessie Rees - 12 years old


Eli Horn - 7 years old


Oliver Palmer - 10 years old


Anna Rose Leavoy - 2 years old


Daniel Gomez - 3 years old


RJ Kaufman - 2 years old


Gavin Culpepper - 13 years old


Rachel Gambrill - 8 years old


Daniela Owens - 10 years old


Let’s continue working together to fight childhood cancer in honor of these children and the millions of others still battling!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. ziotono
    Jul 17, 2012 @ 00:38:20

    A pray for all of them. You may add this “special one” to the list: Tiziano 11 years old
    Thank you


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