The Sunshine Award

sunshine-awardValerie at Atlantamomofthree nominated this blog for the Sunshine Award.  As this blog originated from the mind of my older son (and many of the projects have been continued on by my daughter), I thought it would be appropriate for them to answer the questions so you can learn a little more about the 5 & 7-year-old minds behind Mikey’s Helping Place.  Thanks, Valerie, for the nomination! And thanks to all of our readers for helping us spread the sunshine! 🙂

7-year-old Michael’s answers:

  1. What’s your favorite color? Blue
  2. What’s your favorite animal? Dolphin
  3. What’s your favorite number? 36
  4. What’s your favorite drink? Milk
  5. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook because my mom lets me play Words With Friends
  6. What’s your passion? Helping People
  7. What’s your favorite pastime? Playing Sports
  8. What’s your favorite day of the week? Saturday because I get to play in soccer games
  9. What’s your favorite flower? Sunflower
  10. What’s your favorite season? Summer because I have time to do fun things and go to camps.

5-year-old Zoe’s answers:

  • What’s your favorite color? Pink
  • What’s your favorite animal? Butterfly
  • What’s your favorite number? 21
  • What’s your favorite drink? Chocolate Milk
  • Facebook or Twitter? Facebook because my mom lets me play games (and because I don’t know what Twitter is)
  • What’s your passion? Helping Sick People
  • What’s your favorite pastime? Dancing and Making Things
  • What’s your favorite day of the week? Sunday because I get to go to religious school
  • What’s your favorite flower? Pink Roses
  • What’s your favorite season? Spring because that’s when all of the pretty flowers bloom

The dynamic duo of Mikey’s Helping Place

Being Thankful

Sometimes we all need a little reminder.  Have a blessed day.