This Week’s Feature: Butterflies for Brandi

Butterflies for Brandi

We have mentioned Butterflies for Brandi in the past as a group that helps sick children, but this week we wanted to give a little more detail about the wonderful work they are doing in the Memphis area, especially for the families of the sick children being treated at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The Butterflies for Brandi charity was founded by the family of little Brandi who lost her fight with cancer in 2002.   They were so inspired and grateful for the people who surrounded them with support during that time that they wanted to honor sweet Brandi’s memory by doing the same for others that are going through similar situations.

What started as a way to deliver toys and gifts to the children fighting cancer at St. Jude quickly became a ministry for the families of those sick children.  Many of the families are staying nearby in either the Ronald McDonald House or Target House and have very little resources available to them.  Leading the ministry is Rena Mangum.  With each visit to St. Jude or one of the housing locations, she meets new families in need and she does everything she can to get donations of even the simplest household items to them while they endure the pain of having a critically ill child.

Please take the time to visit the Butterflies for Brandi Facebook page to see how you can help!  You can send donations of toiletries, toys, clothing, non-perishable food, etc., to Rena Mangum at 1764 Sixth Crompton Sq A, Memphis, TN 38134.  Everything will be personally delivered to the families in need.  You can also purchase a Butterflies for Brandi bracelet as part of their fundraising efforts (wristbands are $5.00 and custom-made paracord bracelets are $10.00).

Help us keep spreading the word about Butterflies for Brandi and all of our feature kids and charities!

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